A candle with scent
and character

What makes our
candle unique?

A transformative approach to scent — made with organic soy wax and natural oils.

We believe in a room where light, fragrance, and mood exists. We’ve transformed an ordinary product into something a little unusual and extraordinary. Not only does our candle smell awesome, bring light and warmth to the room, but it also has a personality? Yep, that’s right. Changes has created the first candle with a mood. A good mood.

By using a thermochromic paper our labels change color to perform a beautiful natural gradient of color.

As the candle burns, the label turns (color.)

As the temperature rises, our pleasantly designed labels change color. By using a thermochromic label we are able to give a candle a personality that helps one soothe their mind, ease into relaxation, and brings a warm aesthetic to any room. Once the candle returns to room temperature, the label returns to its original design.

Also, our candles are made with organic soy wax and natural essential oils and are hand poured into quality glass tumblrs.

Package of Vetiver Amber

A candle with scent

and character

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